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Group Workcamps (Short Term Volunteering: 2-3 weeks)


An international group workcamp is a short term volunteer project that aims to improve the local community of the hosting workcamp organization. A typical workcamp brings together an international group of 8 to 20 volunteers, to work with the local community for a specific cause. The services performed at a workcamp is specific to the needs of the local community, and falls into one or more of the following areas:

Agriculture/Food Security (eg. reviving uncultivated fields, weeding in orphanage farms)

Animal Welfare and Conservation

Building (eg. building schools, clinics, reconstructing shelters)

Culture and Heritage (eg. organizing festivals, archaeology, conserving

Education (eg. teaching english, computer skills, HIV awareness, Anti drugs awareness)

Environment and Conservation (eg. cleaning rivers, planting trees, protecting animals)

Health Care

Women empowerment

Rural Development (eg. building schools, clinics, reconstructing shelters)

Tribal Communities

Others (Caring Projects) Social work for disadvantaged children, elderly, mentally/physically challenged, refugees and other minorities

In addition to rendering service to the community, all workcamps have the common goals of building friendship among the volunteers, and promoting an understanding of the different cultures!

We can organise workcamps in the following countries



China (include Hong Kong & Macau)












Sri Lanka




You can use the below search engine courtesy from our partner - DreamWalker China, a social purpose organization aims at promoting international voluntary service (IVS) in China and to the world!  More info!

Search NOW!

Please note that as GVC is not a member of CCIVS, we will not be able to send you to some of the organisations in the search engine who is a member of CCIVS. Only those in the NVDA, we will be able to send you. Also you cannot apply to all projects through DreamWalker China search engine if you are a Singaporean or staying in Singapore. You will need to apply through GVC.


ARCH – Archaeology / AGRI – Agriculture / ARTS – Arts (any type) / CONS –Construction / DIS– Disabled / EDUC – Teaching, Awareness raising / ENVI –Environmental / ELDE – Work with Elderly / FEST – Festival / HERI – Cultural or  Heritage / KIDS – Work with Kids / LANG – Language / MANU – Manual / MEDI – Medical / PEACE – Peace / Plant - Plantation / RELIEF – Disaster Relief / RENO – Restoration, Repare / SOCI – Social / SPORTS – Sports / STUDY – Study, Discussion, Research / YOGA – Yoga/ MOTI. – Motivation & Campaign. SURVEY – Data Collection/ YOUTH - Youth & teenagers